DAH Theatre is an independent, professional, contemporary theatre troupe and artistic collective that uses modern theatre techniques to create engaging art and initiate positive social change, both locally and globally.

DAH Theatre is also Center for Reserch of Culture and Social Changes with programs that include the creation and production of works of performing arts of high artistic quality educational programs aimed at educating and affirming young artists, festivals and international cooperation and exchange with artists from around the world and cooperation with different organisations and social groups in the local community such as activist groups, human rights defenders, feminist organisations or vulnerable social groups associations.

Theatre uses methods of devised theatre, while its productions develop on the crossroads between theatre, dance, and visual arts. Starting with a problem or a theme, continuing through research and elaborate rehearsal process, DAH Theatre productions are the result of a long-term creative process. DAH Theatre develops highly artistic plays with the vision of nurturing a non-violent and tolerant society.

Working at the crossroads between theatre, dance, and the visual arts, through dedicated team work, for 30 years DAH creates daring artistic forms that inspire personal and social transformation.

“In today’s world, we can oppose destruction and violence with the creation of meaning., is DAH Theatre’s motto.