The idea that we are apathetic and powerless is a myth, writes Dr. Jelisaveta Vukelić from the Faculty of Philosophy in Serbia for KLIMA 101.

“According to the widespread belief, people in these areas are characterized by apathy and apoliticalness. Instead of engaging on important social issues, our people prefer to spend their time slacking off at (government) work, visiting malls and coffee shops, and writing offensive comments on social networks. All this while breathing the most polluted air in the world, drinking water of questionable quality and eating who knows what, unaware of all this or disinterested. But does reality support this stereotype?

My research data paints a very different picture In fact, they show that the citizens of Serbia are interested in environmental issues and are very upset about pollution.

90% of Serbian citizens believe that environmental protection, in itself, is very important.”

Photo: Vladimir Živojinović/BBC