ANCING TREES is the open air, dance theater performance by theDAH Theatre, which deals with the importance of preserving trees. Realized in cooperation with the Dance Institute in Belgrade, it includes 7 performers and composed music and aims to sensitize the audience and encourage initiatives in defense against excessive tree felling.

One of the inspirational sources is the book by German forest engineer Peter Wohlleben, “The Hidden Life of the Trees” together with other sources and researches. The performance will use a poetry and magical world of trees that have their “life”, interwoven with memory, communication, care for young and breathing that releases oxygen – so necessary for the human survival.

Trees not only provide us with oxygen, they are also important for our spiritual and physical health.. In which ways awareness of that importance can be raised? Our show is also one of the ways one can choose. Our project aims to sensitize the audience and encourage urban initiatives in defence against excessive tree felling . By using creative ways, the show wants to inspire (invigorate) resistance and to motivate citizens to connect and network, be proactive in the defence of trees and forests.

““Trees are Earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening heaven.” Rabindranath Tagore

Performers: Vladimir Čubrilo, Đurđija Jelenković, Ivana Milenović, Popović, Ivana Milovanović, Ivan Nikolić, Miona Petrović, Zoran Vasiljević

Direction and dramaturgy: Jadranka Anđelić i Dijana Milošević

Texts/Sources: Diana Beresford Kroeger „To Speak for the Trees“; Peter Wohlleben „Tajni život drveća“; Hermann Hesse „O drveću“; Manoel Penna “Monolog”; Affonso Romano Sant’Anna “Ljubav Drveća”; Miona Petrović “Poruka drveću”; local and internet research

Music: Ivana Stefanović
Electronic: Dragan Mitrić
Voices: Ivana Milenović Popović, Ivan Nikolić, Neša Paripović, Miona Petrović, Milan Popović, Vid Popović, Aleksandar Vasiljević, Andrija Vasiljević, Zoran Vasiljević
Vocal: Ljubica Damčević

Sound design: Zoran Jerković

Video, projections, mapping: Jelena Rubil

Costume: Ivana Samolov

Object doll: Snežana Arnautović

Light design: Milomir Dimitrijević, Radovan Samolov

Organisation and Production: Nataša Novaković, Milica Petrović

Director’s assistants: Ana Bošković i Rumena Šopova
Technical Production: Milomir Dimitrijević, Radovan Samolov

Technical support: Museum of Contempoaray Art Belgrade
Text recording and technical support: Zoran Vasiljević

Translation from Portuguese: Jovan Tatić i Jadranka Anđelić

Marketing: Ivana Milenović Popović
PR: Tanja Rapp
Social networks: Aleksandra Atanacković
Finances: Dragana Živanović
IT support: Miloš Jovanov (Green Friends)

Film director: Strahinja Savić
Camera and editting: Una Škandro

Snimatelj i dizajner zvuka: Aleksa Račić
Camera assistant: Bogdan Spasojević
Light: Gavrilo Nenadović, Marko Jahura

Photography: Djordje Tomić

Graphic design: škart

In collaboration with BELGRADE DANCE INSTITUTE. [IUI]

Thanks to Museum of Contemporary Arts Belgrade, UK Parobrod and Ivana Abramović.
Special thanks to composer Ivana Stefanovic.

Supported by

ITAC – Climate Impact; Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs; International Relief Fund of the German Federal Foreign Office, the Goethe Institute, and other partners:; City of Belgrade – Secretary for Culture.

Further perfroming suported by